Feature List

The following sections detail the features currently supported by LnBlog.  These features are spread out between the core of LnBlog and the standard plugins.  Plugins can be disabled, so if you don’t want a feature that is implemented in a plugin, you can just turn it off.  Also, all elements of the sidebar (as well as the menubar/sitemap and page banner) are implemented as plugins, and so can be configured and turned off just like other plugins.

Feature ListThe following sections detail the features currently supported by LnBlog.
Core Features
Standard PluginsMany of LnBlog’s features are implemented as plugins.

Core Features

  • Publish content as either a “blog entry” or a “static article” (like an entry, but not included in the “blog” stream).
  • Comments on both articles and entries.
  • Add tags (topics) to entries.
  • Draft entries with scheduled publication.
  • Supports TrackBack and Pingback notifications.
  • Multiple user accounts.
  • Multiple weblogs per instance, with support for multiple subdomains.
  • Upload files to blogs, entries, and articles.
  • Can work with PHP’s safe_mode turned on.
  • Post in multiple formats (plain text, HTML, Markdown, or a dialect of BBCode).
  • Support for Blogger 1.0 and MetaWeblog APIs.
  • Support for internationalization.
  • Support for themes.
  • Support for plugins.

Standard Plugins

Many of LnBlog’s features are implemented as plugins.  Below is a quick sampling of some of the standard plugins and the features they provide.  For full documentation on the available plugins, refer to the “Standard Plugins” section of this documentation.

  • Author Bio - Put a box in the sidebar with the author’s biographical info.
  • Blogroll - Show links to your favorite blogs from an OPML file.
  • Bot Block - Counter measures to stop comment spam bots.
  • Content Ban - Block comment/trackback/pingback spam based on regular expressions.
  • Disable Comment - Turn off comments/trackbacks/pingbacks for the entire blog.
  • Ipban - Block comments/trackbacks/pingbacks based on all or part of the IP address.
  • Linksleeve - Detect comment/trackback/pingback spam using Linksleeve.
  • Menubar Breadcrumbs - Put a “breadcrmb trail” in the page header.
  • Menubar Sitemap - Customizable site map or blog list for the page header.
  • Private Blog - Make your blog private, so only specified users can access it.
  • Reply Notifier - Send e-mail notifications for comments/trackbacks/pingbacks
  • Rss2 Generator - Automatically create RSS feeds for entries and comments.
  • Sidebar Archives - Show sidebar links to past months or years with entries.
  • Sidebar Articles - Show links to static articles.
  • Sidebar Calendar - Show a calendar with links to the entries for each day.
  • Sidebar News - Display links to your RSS feeds in the sidebar.
  • Sidebar Recent - Show links to recent entries in the sidebar.
  • Sidebar Search - Add the built-in search box (uses no external services).
  • Sidebar Tags - Show a list of tags for entries in this blog.
  • Tinymce - Use the TinyMCE rich text editor for writing your posts.