This is a simple text file that is provided as a “user friendly” alternative to the userconfig.php file.  It is a text file that can be used to override configuration constants defined in blogconfig.php.

The file uses a simple key=value format, where the configuration constant name is the key and the setting you want is the value.  Comments begin with a hash (#) and must be on their own line.  Extra whitespace will be removed from keys and values.  Do not include quotes for sting values unless you want them as literal characters in the value.

When a pages loads, LnBlog will read this file and define each key as a constant with the associated value.  The values true and false will be automatically converted to boolean values, but all others will be treated as strings.  For a list of overridable configuration constants refer to blogconfig.php.  The constants with a listed default value can be changed.

This file can be used to add arbitrary PHP code to be run when a page loads.
Holds basic configuration constants that are required by all pages.