Runs replies through the LinkSleeve servers to check it for dubious URLs.

LinkSleeve is a distributed system for link spam management.  It works on a throttling principle.  The idea is to maintain a big list of links that have recently been posted to web sites and use that to calculate a spamminess threshold.  People can’t post the same link to thousands of sites an hour - only robots can do that, and only spambots would want to do it.  Thus if the same link is showing up with high frequency in a short period of time, it must be link spam.

The LinkSleeve interface is a simple XML-RPC call.  Replies are serialized and sent to the LinkSleeve server, which extracts the URLs from the text and does its magic.  The return value of this call is a simple 1 or 0 - yes or no to the question of whether the reply should be accepted.

The check_reply() method is derived from the reference code at It as been modified to fit LnBlog.