Shows a user-defined site map in the menu bar.

This plugin allows you to put a simple site map in the menubar of your blogs.  The site map itself is stored in a file that you must edit by hand.

Note that there are two formats for the site map.  The default format is simply a list of hyperlinks with one link per line.  When the page is displayed, these will be converted to an HTML unordered list, with a customizable label in front of it.

The second format, which is enabled by an option, is to treat the sitemap file as raw HTML to be included directly in the page.  This does not create an automatic list for you or, in fact, do any processing on the file at all.  This option is used if you want to do anything fancy with the menubar, such as adding drop-down menus with JavaScript or CSS.

As of version 0.3.0 of this plugin (which ships with LnBlog 0.7.0), there is an auto-sitemap feature.  This is turned on by default and basically just puts links to all the registered blogs in the site map.  You can still use the old file-based sitemap as well, but it is no longer required.  If you use both, then the auto-generated links will be shown first and the custom ones will be second.