This template is the default page layout.  It determines the position and, in part, the contents of the page banner, menubar, and sidebar.

Note that the default banner, menubar, and sidebar are completely generated by standard plugins.  To, e.g., turn off one of the sidebar panels, all you have to do is disable the corresponding plugin.  To change the order in which the panels are displayed, you can change the load order of the plugins.

Some plugins that add things to the sidebar, menubar, or banner can be explicitly invoked.  To do this, you can either manually select the “no event” option in an individual plugin’s configuration, or you can set the EventForceOff option in the plugins section of your system.ini file to 1 (if you do not do this, the plugin will show up twice) and then use the load_plugin(‘plugin_name’) function to invoke the plugin.

The plugin_name string in the example above represents the name of the plugin class.  This is the same name that appears in the plugin configuration dialog.