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 Feature List
 LBCode Markup
 Overview and Setup
 Plugin Template For Developers
 URI Factory
 User Profiles
 Using Plugins
The “about LnBlog” page.
This is a simple test harness for the Blogger 1.0 API implementation.
This template is the optional page layout for archived entries.
This template is the default page layout.
Holds basic configuration constants that are required by all pages.
Allows users to log in, then redirects them back to the page they came from.
Logs the user out and redirects them to the front page of the current blog.
Used to update the INSTALL_ROOT, INSTALL_ROOT_URL, and BLOG_ROOT_URL for a particular blog.
Holds various constants used by back-end classes.
These are a collection of functions that return an object of the appropriate type based on certain parameters.
A unified page for deleting responses to an entry.
Used to delete a blog entry.
This is a one-off page to test if a given value is valid as the DOCUMENT_ROOT setting for LnBlog.
Used to edit an arbitrary text file.
Used to modify user information, including e-mail address and password.
Used to create a new blog entry or article or to edit an existing one..
The following sections detail the features currently supported by LnBlog.
Used to upload a file to the web server.
This file configures LnBlog’s file writing and allows you to set the document root for your web server (it will try to auto-detect this).
Stores data storage configuration.
This is a one-off script to test values of FTP_ROOT for FTPFS.
Support functions for internationalization.
The page for the main administration menu.
Displays a list of all entries in a blog, in reverse chronological order.
Used to create a new weblog.
Used to create a new user account.
This template takes care of the essential structure of the HTML document.
This file is a library of routines that are shared among several pages.
There is a pathconfig.php file in the root directory of each weblog.
This is a very basic, commented plugin template for instructional purposes.
Configuration page for determining which plugins are loaded and in what order.
A standard setup page for plugins.
Displays a list of all entries in a blog, in reverse chronological order.
Show a list of all the articles for a weblog.
Shows the standard front page of weblog with the most recent entries.
This script is a poor substitute for a proper MIME type library.
The system.ini file is used to store selected default global settings.
Information on translating and localizing LnBlog.
Used to update the settings on an existing blog.
A library for handling URI generation and resolution.
Methods and classes for generating URI abstraction objects.
As of version 0.6.0, LnBlog supports independant, customizable user profiles.
This is a simple text file that is provided as a “user friendly” alternative to the userconfig.php file.
This file can be used to add arbitrary PHP code to be run when a page loads.
Displays the public information for a user.
LnBlog stores all its plugins in a “plugins” directory.
Utility library.
This file includes all the XML-RPC server code for LnBlog.