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 __construct, MyPlugin
 activateEvent, EventRegister
 activateEventFull, EventRegister
 addEvent, EventRegister
 addHandler, EventRegister
 addHeader, Page
 addInlineScript, Page
 addInlineScriptFirst, Page
 addInlineStylesheet, Page
 addLink, Page
 addMeta, Page
 addOption, Plugin
 addQuery, URI
 addRSSFeed, Page
 addScript, Page
 addScriptFirst, Page
 addStylesheet, Page
 appendPath, URI
 calcPrettyPermalink, BlogEntry
 canAddTo, System
 canDelete, System
 canModify, System
 chdir, FS
 checkLogin, User
 checkPassword, User
 checkPingbackEnabled, Pingback
 chmod, FS
 clearQueryString, URI
 commentlink, BlogEntry
 completed, FileUpload
 copy, FS
 createEvent, LnBlogObject
function _($str)
Mimics the behavior of gettext.
public function __construct()
Make sure that you provide a constructor for your class.
function activateEvent(&$raiser,  
$params = false)
Activates an event for the raising object.
function activateEventFull($param,  
$data = false)
Raises an arbitrary event for the given class.
function addEvent($raising_class,
Creates a new event.
function addHandler($raising_class,  
$static = false)
Adds a handler function to an event.
public function addHeader($name,
Add an item to the HTTP header for the page.
public function addInlineScript($text,  
$type = "text/javascript")
Adds an inline script to the header of the page.
public function addInlineScriptFirst($text,  
$type = "text/javascript")
Like addScriptFirst, except for inline scripts.
public function addInlineStylesheet()
Adds style sheets to be added inline into the page.
public function addLink($attribs)
Adds a generic link element to the page header.
public function addMeta($content,  
$name = false,
$httpequiv = false)
Adds a META item to the page.
function addOption($name,  
$control = "text",
$options = false)
A short-hand way to add configuration options.
function addQuery($key,
Adds a parameter to the URI query string.
public function addRSSFeed($href,
Adds an RSS feed to the link elements of the page header.
public function addScript($href,  
$type = "text/javascript")
Adds a script file to the header of the page.
public function addScriptFirst($href,  
$type = "text/javascript")
Like addScript, except adds the script at the beginning of the list of scripts to be inserted.
public function addStylesheet()
Adds style sheets to be link into the page.
public function addToGroup(&$usr,
Adds a user to a group.
function addToGroup($groupname)
Adds the user to the specified group.
function ahref($href,  
$attribs = false)
Creates markup for a hyperlink.
function appendPath($path)
Appends a path componend to the URI path, adding or removing terminal/beginning slashes as appropriate.
public function baselink()
Returns a link to the object’s base directory.
public function baselink()
Gets a link to the object’s base directory, to use for converting relative to absolute paths.
function blog_get_post_data(&$blog)
Get data from the HTTP POST and put it into the blog object.
function blog_set_template(&$tpl,
Sets template variables for display of a blog.
public function bloglogin()
Allows users to log in, then redirects them back to the page they came from.
public function bloglogout()
Logs the user out and redirects them to the front page of the current blog.
function buildOutput($obj)
Method called by outputCache to regenerate cache data.
function cachepath($obj)
Gets the path to the cache file for this plugin.
public function calcPrettyPermalink($use_broken_regex = false)
Calculates a file name for a “pretty” permalink wrapper script.
function calculate_document_root()
An alternate way to find the document root.
function calculate_document_root()
An alternate way to find the document root.
public function canAddTo($parm,  
$usr = false)
Determines if a given user has permissions to add child objects to some particular object.
public function canDelete($parm,  
$usr = false)
Like canAddTo, except determines if the user can delete the object.
public function canModify($parm,  
$usr = false)
Like canAddTo, except determines if the user can perform updates.
public abstract function chdir($dir)
Change working directory
function checkLogin($uname = false)
Checks tokens to determine if the user is logged in.
function checkPassword($pass)
Checks if a password is valid for the current user.
function checkPingbackEnabled($url)
Checks if a given URL is pingback-enabled or not.
public abstract function chmod($path,
Change permissions on a file or directory.
function clearQueryString()
Empties the query string;
Get the permalink to the object.
function completed()
Determines the status of the upload.
function COOKIE($key,  
$val = "")
public abstract function copy($src,
Copy a single file.
function create_uri_object(&$object,  
$type = false)
Gets the appropriate URI generator class for a given object and type.
function createEvent($name)
Creates an event for the current class.
function current_file($no_escape = false)
An alias for current_uri(true, false, $no_escape).
function current_uri ($relative = false,
$query_string = false,
$no_escape = false)
Convenience function to return the path to the current script.
function current_url()
The absolute URL of the requested script.