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A sidebar plugin to display months of archives.
A sidebar panel that displays your static articles.
This plugin lets you display biographical information about the author in the sidebar.
You can use this plugin to add a blogroll to your site.
This implements some simple counter-measures to prevent comment spam.
This plugin createa a breadcrumb trail in the page header.
Ban posts or trackbacks based on whether or not they match one or more of a list of PCREs (Perl-Compatible Regular Expressions).
This plugin allows you to disable comments, trackbacks, or pingbacks on all the entries in a blog.
Creates Apache .htaccess files in blog root directories.
Bans certain IP addresses from posting comments or trackbacks.
Runs replies through the LinkSleeve servers to check it for dubious URLs.
A simple advertising banner.
This provides a link to the login page.
This plugin handles displaying the administrative panels in the sidebar.
Adds HTML META tags to the page heading.
This adds a sidebar panel for RSS feed links.
This plugin adds header text to the page banner.
Allows you to make a blog private, i.e.
Puts a list of recent entries in the sidebar.
Sends e-mail notification when a reply is posted to an entry or article.
Generates RSS 1.0 (RDF Site Summary) feeds for a blog.
This plugin generates RSS 2.0 feeds for a blog.
This plugin adds a calendar to the sidebar with links to the days that have entries.
This plugin adds a configurable search feature to blogs.
Shows a user-defined site map in the menu bar.
This plugin will add a list of tags to your sidebar.
This plugin provides a WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editor widget for typing your posts.
This simple little plugin just injects some TrackBack auto-discovery RDF code into your blog entries.
Validates TrackBacks when they are posted.