Property Index
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 charset, Page
 custom_fields, Entry
 display_object, Page
 doctype, Page
 file, Entry
 has_html, Entry
 member_list, Plugin
 metadata_fields, Entry
 mime_type, Page
 plugin_desc, Plugin
 plugin_version, Plugin
 title, Page
Holds the character encoding to use for the page.
An array of custom fields for the entry, with keys being the field name for use in the data structure and configuration files and the value being a short description to display to the user.
Holds a reference to the primary object which is displayed on this page.
String holding the DOCTYPE for the page.
The path to the file that holds data for this entry.
Holds the type of markup used in the data property.
An associative array of arrays, with the form member=>settings, where member is the name of a member variable of your class and settings is an associative array of the configuration data for that member.
An array of property->var pairs.
Represents the MIME type of the page.
A short description of the plugin.
The version number of the plugin.
A string used for the page title.