TrackBack spam solved

Following up on the post I just made about the BotBlock plugin, I thought I should mention that the reason I'm getting comment spam is that I turned off the DisableComments plugin on LinLog. The reason I turned it off was to test out the TrackbackValidator plugin that comes standard with LnBlog 0.8.0.

The DisableComments plugin allows you to automatically turn off replies (TrackBacks and comments) on entries older than a given number of days. Since my big problem was TrackBack spam, and it was mostly on entries that were more than a month old, I "fixed" the problem by simply setting DisableComments to disable replies after 30 days. On the up side, this stopped the flood of TrackBack spam. On the down side, it stopped all legitimate replies too.

Well, it turns out that I don't really need the DisableComments plugin as much anymore, Happily, the new TrackbackValidator plugin, which only allows TrackBacks from URLs that actually link to you, has completely solved my comment spam problem. My server access logs will show lots of TrackBack pings, but not a single spam ping has gotten through.

The only down side is that now I need to worry about comment spam on old entries.

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