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  1. Download link ;)

    Hello, Peter

    While grabbing the archive, I found the direct link to be disfunctional - you put in "www" instead of "lnblog".

    I hope I find some time in the near future to implement and test - but I'll have to read the upgrade instructions first.


    P.S. My work's always cued but doesn't proceed due to lack of time - but I'm still on it!

    • Comment posted on Thursday 12 Apr 2007 at 1:45am
    • By MoonMind
  2. Oops

    Thanks for pointing that out. The link is fixed now.

    Believe it or not, that bad link was actually actually due to a bug in the subdomain handling. I actually typed in a root-relative URL and LnBlog is supposed to convert that to a fully qualified URL, with protocol and domain. However, I apparently never adjusted that code to be subdomain-aware, so it was still prepending the main URL. Oops. I guess that's one for 0.9.1. On the up side, the links are trivially fixable by just typing in the full URL. ;)

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