Aren't I Web 2.0-y

I've been reworking the sidebar calendar plugin lately. It was kind of buggy and just didn't work as well as I would have hoped. In particular, using query strings to browse through the months just really sucked.

My solution to the bugginess was to rewrite a large chunk of it. It's much cleaner and more managable now.

My solution to query strings sucking was to get with this whole Web 2.0 thing and do it with AJAX. So now, rather than the whole page refreshing when you click the previous month link on the calendar, a JavaScript requests an update from the server and then updates the page in place. The down side of this is that the next and previous links don't work if you don't have JavaScript or are using an archaic browser. Of course, you can still use the archive links, so it's not like you can't get to the previous month's links.

I've installed the new calendar plugin on this site. I haven't made it available for download yet because it's still in progress and requires a couple of support files. However, it will be standard in the next version.

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    Now that's something I really look forward to! Keep it coming :)



    I'm wondering if sidepanel can be for example 20% width, but not more than 120px? How to get such effect?

    Re: Sidepanel

    That would just be a matter of adjusting the main.css style sheet. In the #sidebar style, you would set "width: 20%;" and add the line "max-width: 120px;".

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