LnBlog 2.1.0 - No Need for a Crappy Mobile Experience

Hot on the heels of LnBlog 2.0.0 a mere year and five months ago, release 2.1.0 is here!  This one includes a bunch of quality-of-life and usability improvements, including some basic support for responsive layout, editor improvements, and a less crappy interface to change plugin load order (which tool me like half an hour, so I'm not sure why I didn't do that years ago).  This release also includes entry pagination for the main blog page which, again, didn't take that much work and is a basic feature I should have implemented years ago.

Another new feature is the introduction of a task queue.  This is a glorified way of referring to a command-line script that reads a JSON file and does stuff based on what it contains.  The idea is that you can just run this via a cron job or similar task scheduling system.  Right now it's only used for scheduled publication, but it will be useful in the future for other things.  Configuring it as a cron job is currently optional, but highly recommended (if you don't, the back-end of the script will just run on every request to the main page).  To set up the "cron" functionality, create an entry in your crontab (or wherever you create your cron entries) that runs: php /path/to/lnblog/cli.php --cron.  Then add the line USE_CRON_SCRIPT = true to your userdata/userconfig.cfg file.  (Note: if you prefer to use userconfig.php, you can add the constant definition there instead.)

We also have several security enhancements in this release, including login attempt throttling and CSRF protection.  Again, both long overdue.  The list of tickets with Github links is included below.  There's probably a bunch of other undocumented stuff I fixed and forgot about too.

You can grab the zip file from the download page.  As usual, the upgrade process is to just to move the old directory, extract the zip file, and copy your userdata (and any other custom files) into the new directory.  Or, if you moved userdata up one level (which you should), just move the old directory and extract the new one.  I think we're close to the point where nothing that you should care about is stored in the actual application directory, but I can't swear to it.

Also, you'll need to run a "blog upgrade" for each of your blogs from the admin page.  As always, it's wise to backup all your data before upgrading.  Remember, there's no warranty on this - if it breaks, you get to keep both parts.

Anywho, here's the ticket list.

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