About LnBlog

Note: This page applies to version 0.9.0 and earlier. Version 1.0 of LnBlog will require PHP 5.2.

LnBlog is a web-based weblog package that is available for free under the GNU GPL. It is written in PHP 4, stores data in text files, and works on both Windows/IIS and UNIX/Apache servers. It designed to be powerful, easy to use, and extremely flexible.

LnBlog generates standards-compliant pages with a clean and simple look. It has a flexible theme system, which can include modified images, scritps, style sheets, and HTML templates. It also features an event-based plugin system which provides the sidebar, page banner, and site map. There are also plugins for RSS feeds and e-mail notification for reader comments, and among other things.

In addition to blogging, LnBlog can be used as a simple site management tool, allowing you to create multiple weblogs and user accounts. It includes basic security to allow several users to post to the same blog. It uses a hierarchical URL and storage structure to organize blogs in a logical way, rather than relying on long query strings. It also has features to add static articles, upload files, and supports a simple dialect of BBCode. It also has support for internationalization and translation.

The only requirements for LnBlog are a web server with PHP 4.1 or greater and some way to write files to that server. Note that LnBlog supports file writing via FTP, which means that it can work in safe_mode, which is commonly enabled on shared web hosts. If can also use standard file access functions when safe_mode is disabled. It does not require any database, nor does it need a specific operating system or web server.

For more detailed information, you can refer to the readme file and to the new user and technical documentation.

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