LnBlog 2.3.1 - No need for pagination

Welp, it's time for a patch release.  This is a minor one, though.  It only fixes two small, but highly visible and annoying bugs:

  1. The internal version number was wrong.  This was version 2.3.0, but internally, LnBlog thought it was still 2.2.0.  That's because I forgot to update the version number in the config file.  This is not the first time I've done this, sadly, so I added a step to the build script to check that the build version matches the config file, which should keep this from happening again.
  2. The move of the entry-fetching code from the main Blog domain object to a repository object broke pagination because of the way the "has more entries" check worked.  That meant that the next/previous links never showed up at the bottom of the page, which was annoying.

That's it - nothing earth shattering here.  You can grab the new version from the download page.

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