LnBlog 0.5.4 - "No Need for Testing"

This always happens to me - come out with a nice new release with lots of cool features and discover that it has a huge, glaring bug in it that makes it completely unusable for some people. Well, at least I found the bug and squashed it. At work, I occasionally have to fix bugs that have been lurking in software and messing up reports for years before anyone noticed them.

This is a critical bug fix release. This particular bug appears to have been introduced in version 0.5.1 and affects users who are running on web servers without the gettext extension enabled. Users who have gettext enabled (i.e. people who could actually use the software) are not affected by this issue and, hence, do not need to upgrade. Many thanks to Brandon for reporting this problem.

If you are affected by this bug and have PHP's error reporting turned on, you will see a message that says something like:
Fatal error: Call to undefined function: _() in /path/to/lnblog/blogconfig.php on line 133
This is due to an error in the blogconfig.php script. I mistakenly tried to mark a string for internationalization before loading the lib/i18n.php file, which contains the _() ad hoc internationalization function. Users with gettext enabled are not affected because LnBlog only uses the custom version of _() defined in lib/i18n.php if the gettext extension is not loaded. When it is present, the _() function is provided by gettext itself.

If you are affected by this bug, you can download the new release from the download page. Alternatively, you can get the same effect by downloading the fixed blogconfig.php file and apply it as described on this page.

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