Bug fix for 0.5.3

Oops! I messed up!

Apparently I introduced a bug into the last few releases for people who don't have the gettext extension enabled. I forgot to turn gettext support back off on one of my test systems, so I didn't catch this. My apologies to anyone affected.

Bascially, this bug causes an "undefined function _()" error in the blogconfig.php file. This is caused by an attempt to mark a string for translation before the ad hoc translation code is loaded. This only affects users running on servers without the gettext extension enabled. If gettext is enabled, then it will supply the _() function and there is no problem.

I will upload a new version and update the Freshmeat page later today or tomorrow. In the mean time, you can download the fix here. Just rename this file to "blogconfig.php" and copy it into the root of your LnBlog folder, overwriting the old one.

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