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Alert LnBlog uses who look at the sidebar may notice that the search section has changed. I've finally gotten around to writing a native search plugin. Yes, I finally got sick of waiting for Google to spider my site. It's pretty simple right now; it just searches for entries matching all search terms. It will also accept a regular expression if you enclose it in forward slashes. This will replace the Google search plugin as the standard search feature in the next release. The Google search plugin will still be included for anyone who wants it, but will be disabled in teh default configuration.

There is one interesting thing about the new plugin: it's the first plugin I've done that displays an entire page on its own. By that I mean that the sidebar panel and the search results page are both displayed by the plugin file, rather than using a separate page file for the search results. I still have a few bugs to work out of it, but if and when I get it sorted out, this plugin will provide a nice template for future self-contained plugins.

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