One problem down

Well, it looks like the new IP blacklisting plugin has solved my trackback spam problem. All the spam was coming from two or three subnets, so I just banned the entire subnet and I haven't had anything since.

In other news, I implemented a couple of fixes and features today. First, I fixed a problem with links to uploaded files being broken by the new pretty link feature. Second, I fixed that annoying problem where tags weren't preserved in the edit box when previewing an entry.

On the feature front, I added the ability to turn off trackbacks. For now, there's no seperate setting for it - it just follows the setting for comments. I also added a plugin that allows you to turn off trackbacks or comments for an entire blog. That should be nice for people like me who never actually get any legitimate trackbacks.

Anyway, I want to do some testing, but I think I'm pretty much done with this version in terms of features. Look for a new release before the end of the week.

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