LnBlog 0.6.2, "No Need to delete"

I've uploaded release 0.6.2 of LnBlog. This is another bug-fix release. Thanks to R. Damon for reporting several of the issues. Here's the list of fixes:

  1. Fixes bug that broke support for PHP 5.
  2. Fixes warning messages about DOCUMENT_ROOT in initial setup.
  3. Fixes broken links in terminal theme.
  4. Fixes problem with deleting entries when history is disabled (which is the default since version 0.6.0).

You can get the new version here or from the download page. As usual, please mail me or leave a comment if you have any questions or find any bugs.

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Comments #

    sitemap.htm doesn't get created or saved properly


    I've found LnBlog today and am quite impressed with concept and features. However, though I have full rights on my server and have tried all reasonable permission arrangements up to 777 for the whole folder LnBlog resides in (and PHP is not set to safe_mode), I wasn't able to use the "Edit custom sitemap" feature. I can edit sitemap.htm, integration works, but updating it via the administration panel doesn't. I also had to create it manually... I'll reread the readme, but I think since the server didn't have any restrictions set when I tested this, I might have discovered a bug here...

    Administration issues

    Hello again.

    First, I'd like to apologize for the double posting - I got no response from the browser, so I figured things hadn't worked. Sorry for that - feel free to remove the first comment.

    But while I'm at it, I've got some additional issues with the administration panel. As administrator, I'd like to be capable to add new users and blogs directly without having to go and look in the root directory for the scripts to accomplish that and then call them with their full path. If having them available via "Site administration" is meant to be possible, it's not working on my installation.

    If this was possible, doing multi-user sites would be a lot easier...


    Thanks for the feedback!

    Yup, you've definitely discovered a bug. It's an error with the file name for the sitemap not being properly set. I've uploaded a quick fix for this.

    As for new users and blogs, you should be able to add them through the administration page. Log in as the administrator and either click the "site administration" link in the sidebar or type in the URL of your root LnBlog directory. They should be the last two links in the first section. If that's not working, could you please describe what's happening? Adding users and blogs is a pretty basic thing, so I definitely want to make sure it works.

    Site administration

    Well, when I click on Site administration, *nothing* happens - I stay on the page I see after logging in, no new items added to the "menu" (list of available plugins, as far as I understand things), the screen stays exactly the same (I even scrolled to make sure of that).

    That's strange...

    Nothing? That's weird. The admin page is just the same as the one where you initially create blogs and users, and the "site administration" link just points to the LnBlog installation folder. There shouldn't be much to go wrong there.

    The first thing I'd try is to do a "view source" in your browser and check the URL that the "site administration" link is using. If it's not right, check the config.php file in the blog's directory. The INSTALL_ROOT constant should point to LnBlog's folder on the server, and INSTALL_ROOT_URL should be the URL that coresponds to that folder. If the URL doesn't correctly match the directory, then you may need to set a couple of configuration constants to work around that.

    I thought so...

    I actually *found* the needed files because I could look for them in the folder lnblog resides in, but the links didn't seem to lead anywhere; I also poked around config.php to check if there was anything wrong, and to fully check, I added a slash that seemed to be missing, but things only got worse, so my "fix" wasn't one... I'll have another go at it as time permits - possibly not before Sunday...

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