DisableComments 0.2.0

Just as a change of pace, I'm releasing a new version of a standard plugin. Actually, I'm doing it because the comment and trackback spam is starting to bug me (it's been picking up again lately), so I figured I'd adjust one of the plugins to get rid of it. And since I'm not planning a new release any time soon (unless I get some bug reports), I figured I'd just release it separately.

You can download the DisableComments plugin version 0.2.0 here. To install, just extract the PHP file from the ZIP archive and copy it into your LnBlog/plugins folder, overwriting the old version. This version adds an option to automatically disable comments and trackbacks on entries older than a certain number of days. To enable the new feature, just go the the plugin's configuration page and enter a number in the text box. That'll stop the trackback spam on entries that are a year old!

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