LnBlog 0.6.3 is up

Well, I finally got around to uploading the next maintenance release. You can grab the archive here or get all the associated goodies from the download page.

This release fixes the previously mentioned sitemap problem, sorts blacklisted IP addresses for easier management, and adds out of the box support for running from /home/user/public_html (which it could do before, but required setting a configuration regex). The one big "feature" is a redesign of the ever-so-crappy plugin loading configuration page. Now, instead of three crappy text areas, it uses a table with text boxes to enter the load order and check boxes to disable loading a file.

As usual, please e-mail me or leave a comment if you have any problems or questions.

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    Back again, good news - and a feature request

    Hello, it's me again.

    I found out what the problem was with site administration - LnBlog doesn't like the blog itself to reside in the same folder than the engine. If you do it that way, site administration isn't reachable. I'd like to have at least the opportunity to have everything in one folder - possible a ./blogs folder to put all the blogs in?

    The fixes you mentioned all seem to work nicely.

    That explains it

    So you're saying that you were trying, for example, to put LnBlog in /blog and create a weblog in /blog. Yeah, that definitely won't work because you'll get the blog's index.php overwriting the administration page. LnBlog assumes that each blog has its directory all to itself.

    You could definitely create a /blogs directory and have every blog be a subdirectory of that. When creating your blogs, giving the path as blogs/whatever should do the trick.

    It's obvious

    You're absolutely right - since I can specify paths myself, it's doable without any problem. Thanks for the hint - sometimes one tends to be blind in the face of the obvious ;)

    However, I've stumbled over an additional quirk: When configuring plugins, the "Back to plugin list" doesn't work. The "Back to main menu" one does, however, so one won't get stuck, but I think this shouldn't be because of setup mistakes I might have made...

    btw. I started to work on a template - nicely done, that part; I've still got to get to the bottom of it all, but I already like it...

    I knew that would be a problem

    Sigh.... As soon as I read that the "back to plugin list" link didn't work, I knew exactly what the problem was. I changed the semantics of the function that calculates that link in the last release. I'll have to go back and double-check the calls to that for the next release. For the record, the quick-fix is to open up LnBlog/plugin_setup.php and on line 65, change current_file() to current_uri(true,'').

    The theme system is a little complicated and, sadly, isn't very well documented. It's really optimized more for flexibility and laziness than for ease of use. Whether that's a bug or a feature depends on your point of view. I've been meaning to write a post describing how to make themes for a while, so maybe this is a good time to do it. At any rate, I'll be glad to answer any questions you have about it.

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