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Ask and ye shall receive! By popular demand, I cooked up a little contact form plugin today. You can download it from the plugins page. To install, just extract it from the ZIP archive and drop it in your LnBlog/userdata/plugins folder. (Note: This is the new recommended location for non-standard plugins. You can still use LnBlog/plugins or your per-blog plugins folder as well.)

Basically, this plugin provides a contact page that users can use to send e-mail to the blog owner. It also puts a link to the contact page in the sidebar. Note that the blog owner must have an e-mail address set.

This is just the initial release, so I'll expand and integrate this more later. You know, putting the link in user profiles, allowing more than just the blog owner to be e-mailed, etc. I'm trying to go with that whole open-source "releaswe early, release often" thing here. Plus this is only the second plugin I've done that generates and entire page, so I wanted to work on the basic design before worrying too much about features.

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    Oh well - done it already :)

    I added the plugin; it works flawlessly; the only thing that's bothering me is easy to change: The form's set to be centered on the page, which looks rather odd on my site (since the template I use at the moment is Console); it never occured to me to look at that more closely, but now I realise that comment forms look more or less the same. So here we go: Depending on the template, there should be a way to easily change that (I'll do my CSS adjustments anyway, so for me, there's no immediate need for any special support on this issue, but this is a nice prove for the usefulness of a simple templating facility).

    Lil' Typo:

    From the plugin admin panel: "Provides a simple contact for to ->sned<- e-mail to the blog owner."

    Another issue...

    Sorry, I'm dragging them in like the cat does with its cups: The "Contact the author" (or whatever) link is also displayed when one is in the admin area - that's kind of odd, don't you think? ;) (I did as you suggested and put the plugin in a ./plugins folder in ./userdata).

    Bug in my first post

    The template I use is *Terminal, obviously...

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