New plugin: HideSidebar

I've uploaded a new plugin to the plugins page. It's called HideSidebar and it, well, hides the sidebar. The idea came from this comment and the plugin is a sort of proof of concept. I don't know how useful it will be, but it's a good demonstration of the power of the plugin system.

For the curious, it works by injecting an inline JavaScript into the page when it loads. It has PHP code to add a link to the menubar and insert the JavaScript into the page. The JavaScript then manipulates the DOM to hide the sidebar when the link is clicked. It's really quite simple. In fact, the JavaScript portion took me longer to write than the rest of the plugin.

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    Nicely done, Peter - works like a breeze. I probably won't use it on my own site when it's finished, but I'll install it on the one I'll use for the project in Octobre. I see that I can choose the default behaviour - great feature! And the CSS bit points in the right direction, too - great proof of concept indeed.


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