New post editor

Here's a little sneak preview of the New post editorchanges I've made to the post editor for the next release. I've cleaned it up a little and added a fair amount of "unobtrusive JavaScript" for enhancements. Here's a screenshot of the basic view.

The default view is simpler than in previous releases. Notice the drop-down topic list so you no longer have to type in existing topics. The LBCode editor controls are also closer to the content area, so you can actually get to them. They also disappear when the markup type is something other than LBCode, so they're not in the way.

The rest of the post settings are available by expanding the lower panel. Here's the shapshot. Post settings panel Of course, the default configuration only has one upload box, but that can be changed in your system.ini. The new features to note here are, of course, the box to allow Pingbacks and the enclosure URL. If you're not familiar with RSS enclosures, they're basically the mechanism by which "Podcasting" is made possible. As with other URLs in LnBlog, you can specify a relative URL in this box.

So far, I think the new setup is pretty good. More functionality, fewer distractions, and just generally better. This interface will be available in the next 0.8.0 prerelease, which I'll be putting up some time this week.

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Comments #

    Like it

    I agree to what you say about the new setup - it's nicer to look at and appears to be easier to handle. While I like the place the buttons are in (below the editor window), I'd think about putting them up on top where most people will look for them (or make that configurable)...


    Buttons on top

    Yeah, you're probably right. I kind of like them on the bottom, because that's where the cursor is most of the time, but nearly every program out there puts the buttons on the top. I'll probably just add an option for that and make the top the default.