LnBlog 0.8.1

LnBlog 0.8.1 is now available. As usual, you can grab it from the download page.

This release is for bug fixes and some minor feature enhancements. The bug fixes include Unicode issues with editing posts and pretty permalinks, as well as a very annoying issue where newlines were not properly translated to HTML <br /> tags in LBCode. Many thanks to MoonMind for pointing these out.

The feature enhancements are all small. There is now an LBCode color tag. I also changed the LBCode editor to remove the quote buttons (which I never used) and add a color button with drop-down selector and an alignment selector for the image button. For entries with an enclosure, I also added an HTML link tag to the enclosure file. Lastly, I included the new BotBlock plugin in this release.

That pretty much sums it up. As usual, please let me know if you have any thoughts, ideas, or bugs to reports.

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    Just to let you know...

    Things are getting stranger by the hour - I'm posting this from a rather peculiar environment (Finnix Linux, links, WLAN on an old notebook); the catch is not only that this is possible, but also that obviously, comments are working. Now I've got to figure out why I can't comment when using the browser on my home server from where I'm working with LnBlog on my external server - do you think there could be a cooky issue?

    Okay, cancel all that...

    Don't ask me why, but now everything's again working as it should... If you like, you can remove this post and the previous - even if I like the fact that I was able to post from the cli :)

    UTF-8 working!

    Peter, I've got to apologize about all my rambling about characters being scrambled - it's entirely the fault of my system here at home. I'm feeling rather stupid about this - I'm really sorry. I've checked the actual file (current.htm) of a test entry, and the signs were all there as I put them in. So now it's only a question of wether I'm able to fix my system's settings... (I've got other means to work with LnBlog, but I want my connection to the software to be as seamless as possible - and this box is always on!).

    Thanks for your patience anyway...


    Sorry, I didn't have time to e-mail you back this morning. The comment problem was entirely my fault. I still had the 30-day expiration timeout set in the DisableComments plugin. I disabled it on my other blog a few weeks ago and I thought I'd done it site-wide, but apparently not. As soon as you mentioned the link was missing, it clicked and I fixed it.

    Jumping to conlusions (about the umlauts)...?

    Okay, this whole testing has been very instructive - sorry for spamming, but now I think since LnBlog is (mis-)behaving in a consistent way when it comes to displaying umlauts on all systems (Linux, FreeBSD, Windows), browsers (Firefox (Linux and Win), Opera (Win), Internet Explorer, links, lynx, w3m) and servers (yours and mine), there seems to be a parsing problem not while saving stuff but when displaying it. If not all of my systems are in the same way incapable of displaying UTF-8 or LnBlog's output, respectively, I don't know why this should happen. Correct me if I'm wrong (I know you tested things), but is it really unthinkable that there's something going wrong when parsing the umlauts for presentation?

    I'll be damned

    Did you change anything?! It's okay now - I think I'm going nuts!!!

    Crossing Jordan! Thanks a lot!

    You did it - and I did it, too! I had tested the UNICODE_ESCAPE_HACK option earlier to no avail (I'm not sure why it didn't work then, but that's unsignificant now); and I had forgotten to add userconfig.cfg to my new installation (that wouldn't have done it) and then UNCOMMENT the option to switch off the hack... I'm so sorry for causing all the fuss! Please remove all that's now turned out to be unnessesary! If I could clean up after myself here, I surely would...

    And now for something completely different!

    I've witnessed a strange thing again and now I know precisely when it's happening: Everytime I edit a weblog's (not the site's!) settings, a site map link is added to system.ini a second time (only that, no third or forth time). I can easily remove the extra entry later, and it won't reappear until after the next change to weblog settings, but it will do so consistently. Now, I have been thinking about that specific functionality anyway: I appreciate that updating the site map when a new blog is created is basically sensible, but in my case (the bloghost idea...), I'd like to be able to keep site map links to blogs from appearing in the site map menu - I know I can prevent the whole thing from displaying, but that's not what I mean... The best thing I could think of would be to be able to configure the internal site map the same way as the custom site map. Editing system.ini is a convenient way (only if things stay deleted, of course ;)). But it would be even better if one could actually choose to have a blog appear in the global site map menu right from the start (or not) - couldn't you add that option to the "Create new blog" dialog ("Show in site map menu?", preset to "yes")?

    Redundant listing?

    Let me get this straight - you're saying that when you edit a blog's settings, you get a *second* entry in system.ini? So you end up with two entries instead of one? If so, I tried it and I'm not getting that. Are they both identical, or are you getting an extra slash or something in one of them?

    As for blogs getting added to the sitemap automatically, just check the settings for the sitemap plugin. The default is to "list all blogs", which means that every blog in system.ini gets a link. You can simply uncheck that box to turn that off and do the sitemap manually.

    The blog list in system.ini is actually intended for informational purposes, so that the admin pages have an easy way of determining what directories they're supposed to manage. Using it for the sitemap is just a side effect. Every blog that the LnBlog installation is managing should be mentioned there, whether it's in the sitemap or not.

    As for setting an option to add a blog to the sitemap, that would be feasible. I might have to add a few plugin hooks to the configuration page, but it should be possible. I'd like to add more hooks to various parts of the system anyway, since it will make manipulating things with plugins easier.

    The "second" entry in the site map...

    First, let me thank you for all the hints and tips - looks as if you were there before I even thought about such things!

    For the "second link" issue: They're absolutely identical. The strange - and embarassing - thing is that I ran into that yesterday and could reproduce it every time, but today it won't work. Let's look at the issue as solved for now - I've made some faulty assumptions when installing (or creating the main blog, respectively), and all that might be part of the consequences... I'll check paths again - maybe I got more things wrong than I first thought. If I don't post about that again, it's working as expected.

    Little idea...

    Since I'm working with 0.8.1 still, I thought I'd better place that here: Maybe I didn't look in the right places, but it's somewhat troublesome to edit a user's settings. I found no other way than to re-add (dumb word, I know, but it describes the process best) a user who had lost his password, for instance - is there any way around that? If not, a little user management assistance would be great - I don't know if there are any enhancements in 0.8.2b2 since I didn't test it yet, but it'd be nice and helpful to have such a facility.


    P.S. Sorry for staying away for such a long time, but I simply had too many things to attend to...

    I'll add that

    Sorry about that. I've been thinking for some time that I should add an administrative interface for user accounts, but it just hadn't been enough of an issue to get to. From looking at the code this afternoon, it should be pretty easy to just let an administrator modify a user's account, including password. I'll slip that in for 0.8.2.

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