LnBlog 0.8.2 finally released

Well, it's finally release time again. I've put up LnBlog 0.8.2. As usual, you can find it on the download page or just grab the release archive.

I'll be honest with you: it's been so long since the last stable release, I don't really remember all the changes. I just know there have been quite a few of them. I'll try to highlight the big ones, but if you're really curious, just read the last few blog entries and/or the changelog.

  • Change organization of theme style sheets.
  • Added option in system.ini to group all replies (comments, Pingbacks, and TrackBacks) into a single list.
  • Added mass deletion of replies.
  • Improved the sidebar calendar and made it AJAX-powered.
  • Added interface on admin page for administrators to modify user accounts.
  • Converted entry data files to XML format (don't worry - it'll still read the old format).

Thanks to everyone who contacted me with problems, suggestions, and other feedback for this release. Please keep it up - I really appreciate it! And if you find anything wrong in this release, you know what to do. Thanks!

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