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  1. A little wave...


    I'm up to the eyebrows in workflow (at least that - it's moving...), that's why I don't have time to test the beta although I'd really like to - I hope I can snatch some time off soon, but things look a bit rough for a couple of weeks to come. Keep it up - it's worth it!


  2. Wave back!

    Thanks for the support! I've been busy too, but I'm still working on LnBlog. I'm just working at a slower pace than in the past. Funny how life can get in the way of things, isn't it? :) It's coming along, though. I'll probably release version 0.8.2 this month.

  3. No Subject

    I don't think you need to hurry in any way - 0.8.1 works very nicely, and while I appreciate any work you're doing, you've provided for a really great base to work with.

    About life: I consider life to BE the way, and things that seem to block it often turn out to actually make it up ;) But sometimes, too many things demand attention at once, so one needs to pick and/or set priorities... And as much as I like doing my web stuff, it's not what I'm living on, so there are things the need doing first (among other things, other web publishing things ;)).


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